Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Enjoy Exceptional Beach Vacations With Cruise Packages To Malaysia

Unspoiled shores of Malaysia call out to the wayfaring traveller in you to discover the hidden treasures of nature. Closest thing to heaven, the isle of Redang is a divine location encompassing spectacular turquoise sea water, cool soothing breeze and sun-drenched sandy shores. Extending the extravagance is the magnanimous Taaras Beach and Spa Resort immersed in the beautiful scenery of this island. Every aspect of this beachfront property transcends a high level of luxury. 

The ostentatiously grand hotel accentuates cruise packages to Malaysia with a touch of opulence that is hard
to resist. It invites you to reach the depths of the ocean, explore the natural beauty, embark on a jungle trek and venture into parasailing and kayaking. Amalgamating romance with adrenaline rush, these cruise packages Malaysia offer various guest oriented services such as organising dinners that involve feasting under the stars on a floating pontoon in the middle of the sea. Enticing guests with understated elegance, the deluxe rooms at Taaras Beach and Spa Resort feature unconditional affluence embodied through private balconies overlooking the glistening sea water, rich furnishings, modern amenities, Internet access, jacuzzi, minibar, electronic safe, coffee makers and more. A personal lifestyle experience enhanced with luxury and technology await its guests in these world-class premier rooms and suites. 

Tourists can also relish a lavish spread of international and local delicacies or devour sumptuous seafood while lazing on the deck of the hotel. This cruise package to Malaysia further offers luxuries such as an assortment of delectable cocktails in the terrace lounge, a revitalizing session at the Taaras Spa and many other recreational activities. The excitement never ends with the cruise packages to Malaysia brought to you by Taaras Beach and Spa Resort. So pack your bags and head to this country for an experience like never before.

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