Monday, 13 October 2014

The private bay of ‘’Taaras’’

A world of its own, situated on the East Coast of Malaysia surrounded by the deep blue ocean is ‘The Taaras’, a Redang bay resort island. Its USP lies in its excellence in Asian hospitality and luxury. The name ‘’Taaras’’ originates from a Sanskrit word which translates to ‘’Goddess of the Sea’’. This Redang bay resort is exquisitely designed in modern contemporary style and has over 180 rooms and a five-bedroom private Villa.

Asian and international delicacies are served at the in-house restaurants ‘Asean All Day Dining’. Also, the Resort has three other in-house restaurants and a in-house bar ‘Bayu’, that serves exquisite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are a bunch of recreational activities that the guests can indulge in while on the beach. There are several fun beach activities that the guests can enjoy like parasailing, kayaking and windsurfing . Also, Guests can enroll themselves at a PADI diving course to go experience the magic of undersea diving. Guests can also go Jungle trekking nearby

The Taaras Spa is the best spa in Malaysia. lt pampers your senses and revitalizes your soul. The Spa specializes in wellness enhancing treatments to release all physical stress and detoxifies the body and soul. The Resort Spa has well qualified therapists. The Taaras Signature Massage with aromatic spices and herbs soothes sore body muscles and joints. It specializes in an organic Face Lift procedure which is non surgical and is very effective. The Taaras Spa also offers special packages for guests to avail.

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