Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Splendid Snorkelling Resort Provides Thrills for Adventurous Travellers

spa in Malaysia
For the adventurous and the daring, for those desirous of braving the thrills of the deep, a splendid snorkelling resort and spa in Malaysia provides plenty of excitement. So venture forth to this sylvan paradise and exhibit your prowess and skills with pride!

Blessed with crystal clear waters and an amazing abundance of exotic marine life, this snorkelling resort in Malaysia, scenically juxtaposed against the magical archipelago of islands adorning Malaysia’s premier Marine Park. The island resort is ideal for eco-lovers desirous of exploring nature’s exciting secrets underwater.

Full of gorgeous coral reefs and strategic snorkelling spots like Mat Simpang, Mat Delah and more - spots which are just a 30 minute boat ride away from the charming spa in Malaysia, invite dare-devil snorkelers to explore the deep! There are advanced and elementary professional scuba diving courses available with all the requisite accoutrements and a qualified instructor to teach you appropriate skills.

A snorkelling resort and charming spa in Malaysia, which endeavours to create a blissful ambience of indulgence, relaxation and rejuvenation amidst scenic splendour, uber-luxurious accommodation and gourmet fantasy, provides the ultimate experience in sensual pampering of body and soul! Whereas the elaborate signature massage with its heated poultice of aromatic herbs and spices is expertly applied on pressure points on your body to soothe sore muscles, the Organic Lifting Facial gives you an “non surgical” face lift miraculously! With exquisite reflexology dissolving exhaustion magically and the Ginger Sea Salt Scrub and Organic Body Buff achieving amazing results, let exotic wraps of hand-harvested seaweed and fragrant fruits, organic and detoxification facials, amazing foot spas and more, craft a beautiful you!

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