Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort Is The Perfect Snorkeling Resort

Spa in Malaysia
After those tiring times of detailed planning and jittery moments, Raahi wanted a peaceful, romantic and yet an adventurous trip with her newly married husband. Away from the hustle and bustle, in the lap of nature, where tranquility is the norm and everything speaks loud and clear about peace. She wanted to bury her toes deep in the soft, silky sands and also bury her worries with them. She wanted to gaze into the blue sky which gently kisses the equally azure water. She longed to leave everything behind and discover the exotic marine species with her partner and she wanted to ensure that her honeymoon will strengthen her relationship and give her memories that she could fondly remember, forever. And The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort ticked all her boxes.

Tucked away and hidden from the outside world on Redang Island- a small island found just off the unspoilt East Coast of tropical Malaysia- The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort is considered to be one of the most beautiful island locations in the South China Sea. Set against the magical archipelago of islands adorning Malaysia’s premier Marine Park in Terengganu, Redang Island is ideal for eco-lovers seeking to explore nature’s secrets in the ocean, hence, it has emerged as a popular snorkeling resort. In addition, the resort also features a sanctuary of tranquility and serenity in the form of The Taaras Spa, which in fact is also a sought-after Spa in Malaysia.

Thus, The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort had everything that Raahi dreamt of for her dream honeymoon.

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